Sunday, July 18, 2010

Best Google Adsense Alternative

Money Making Ebooks Affiliate Program


Make Money Just By Displaying Ads – CbproAds – Start Making Money Today. Make Money Just By Displaying Ads – Increase Your ClickBank Sales.
It is free to join program. You will get 50% revenue share as a free member and 100% revenue as a pro member.

Special offer: Join as a pro member and mail me with payment receipt, i will give you 35 Ebooks worth $1000 absolutely free.

This will help you to explore the full revenue generating potential of your website. You can make money just by displaying Ads. They offer you an amazing tool set to earn more money with your website or blog. As a Clickbank affilaite, you can display your Ads and earn cash. they offer various types of ad display types on different formats.

Formats to add to your site
Contextual ad formatScrolling contextual ad formatSlide Show ad formatImage embedded ad formatImage embedded slide show ad formatBanner Ads
Simple and it works! You can choose what type of ads you would like posted on your site and copy code and paste it on your site.
What I like about it so far is that I can set up, they call them is Channels which lets me track my ads from where I posted them by assigning a channel to my ad.
It is free to join program. You will get 50% revenue share as a free member and 100% revenue as a pro member.
To join their affiliate program you need to upgrade to the Pro which is quite reasonable for a years worth of profit.
So what are the negatives? Well, you’ll have to upgrade to PRO account in order to have your ClickBank ID embedded 100% into the ads links and storefront. Else, as a free member, you only have 50% embedding of your ClickBank nickname.
To maximize the earning power of CBProAds, I’d strongly recommend to go for the Lifetime upgrade at $79.95. But wait! Don’t sign up immediately after you’ve joined. In another couple of days/week, you’ll receive email from them with a discount code which you can grab your Lifetime upgrade at a cheaper rate ~$55. The good thing about opting for Lifetime upgrade is that it is only a one-time purchase instead of recurring payments.
The next natural thing for you to do next is to copy-n-paste the ads to all your other blogs and websites to skyrocket your affiliate earnings.
Another reason to join up as a Pro is you can be apart of their affiliate program.

Unlimited Earning Potential:-
The earning potential with Clickbank ads is virtually limitless. Clickbank offers almost 50 – 75% commissions on their product sales. Pay-per-click systems generate a few pennies for each click, but by displaying Clickbank ads on your site, you can even earn $150 with just one sale! Once you start displaying ads, there’s no stopping the money. Many of our members make more than $2,000 a month, while an average figure is between $5,000 – $10,000
You will get clickbank storefront as a free or pro member .Please see below examples of storefront.
The store information can be modified etc.
Welcome to Our Store – The World’s Largest Info Product Store. Here you can find only the best products. There are books, software and other products. Browse anytime of day or night. Over 6,000 products to chose from. Use our search tool to find what you need. Browse by category to see the newest products on the market. Book Mark Now! Come Back Often!
The Below is one example of the flexibility of the system they have. Set to a specific group of Clickbank advertising.

Example #3: Weight Loss
You will be able to customize your Storefront to show only products matching with specific keywords.For example, if you wish to show products matching with the keyword “weight Loss“, thenyour Storefront URL is as follows:
Check out Example #3 the storefront you receive with this program Set to Weight Loss. Click Here.

Customized URL with Sub Category is one of the powerful method to make money with your Storefront through Clickbank? using the power of Google Adwords?. You can set a pay-per-click campaign at Adwords for just pennies and can drive targeted traffic to your own Storefront easily, for quicker profits. Example #4 is set for the subcategroy for Gardening.
Click here for An Alternative To Google Adsense Join Free or Pro

Directory of Ebooks (Earn $10000-$30000 per month )
Special offer:
Buy one or more products on this storefront and mail me with clickbank receipt, i will give you 35 Ebooks worth $1000 absolutely free.

Clickbank Storefront (Directory of digital product)
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