Saturday, July 17, 2010

CBproADS Review - I Made $6508 Last Month

I have been searching ClickBank Storefronts but most of them were boring looking and not much appeal at all. Then I stumble upon CBproADS and it was the best looking and convincing ClickBank site that I have seen.Here are the reasons why I choose CBproAdS over other ClickBank storefronts :- * It has the best contextual ads formats. * Other than contextual ads, it has block image ads, list image ads, slide show ads, scroll ads and banner ads All are great alternatives to AdSense. * It has the BEST Storefront compared to the others and you can easily customize the storefront * Beside earning as an affiliate via ClickBank, CBproAdS has an attractive affiliate program itself which gives you a good extra earning opportunity. * It has great free bonuses (with MRR; master resell rights) which you can earn 100% of the profits selling them.Now they have added a new feature 'AutoIncome' where you can make money without lifting a finger! This is just an optional service for members who are not expert in promotion of their storefront or a newbie to Clickbank. Using this AutoIncome service, they will deliver highly targeted visitors to your Storefront through their own marketing efforts. You don't have to promote your Storefront or display ads on your web pages, to make automatic income through them. At the same time, you have the option of multiplying your income by promoting your own Storefront by yourself or pasting ads on your web pages.You can join as a free member and later upgrade to PRO account. As a free member, you only have 50% embedding of your ClickBank nickname, which means, you will get paid only 50% of your efforts. For PRO members, your ClickBank ID embedded 100% into the ads links and storefront and you get 100% return of your efforts. To maximize the earning power of CBproAdS, I strongly recommend to go for the Lifetime upgrade at $79.95. Don’t sign up yet, until you receive email from them with a discount code which you can grab your Lifetime upgrade at a cheaper rate ~$55. The good thing about opting for Lifetime upgrade is that it is only a one-time purchase instead of recurring payments.The next natural thing for you to do next is to copy-n-paste the ads to all your other blogs and websites to skyrocket your affiliate earnings.
Free Clickbank Storefront
It is a website which offers free Clickbank storefront to its members. It has several account types. 1) Free - As per CBproAds terms, 50% of the products are linked using your own ClickBank affiliate ID on your ad block and remaining 50% with CBproAds own Clickbank ID2) Pro - 100% with your own Clickbank ID after you made the paymentI chose the Pro account type as I feel it is worth to give it a try. It saves my time and money to setup a website with all Clickbank products in it (most important thing is with my ClickbankID embedded ).Free and Pro members will get their very unique Clickbank Storefront url.

My own Clickbank storefront is here
PS: I managed to change the url link to my own domain name . I set domain forwarding and masking using tips from following website

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